Student Quotes

Creating a digital story. . .

“allowed me to look at my research in a different way and explore ways to reach a broader audience.”

“There’s a life after the class. . .Students are creating content that is useable, valuable, shareable”

“is completely different than writing a history paper. Papers are easy; crafting an argument and/or building a narrative are relatively straightforward. In the case of the digital story, however, I really struggled to balance my effort to present an argument with my goal of making the content both entertaining-engaging as well as educational. In particular, I found it difficult to find a good balance between letting the subjects I’m examining speak for themselves with my narration and interpretation. Too much narration becomes boring and un-engaging, while too little could mean the audience does not pick up on the nuances and key points that support my argument. The other thing I learned and really grew to appreciate was the importance of picking music and sound effects.” “makes me think of the topic in a different way. It makes me value the fine craft of interview questions that get the subject to share broadly but also with specificity.”

What students learned . . .

“you need to be flexible to succeed in this class. . . Learning to improvise and know that everything will turn out okay is key.”

“With a little more practice . . . I would not hesitate to include a digital component in my future research and writing.”

“I have learned the significance of digital storytelling and how much of an impact it can have on students\’ education and classroom experiences. . . I can honestly say I put in my full effort.”

“We’re all using technology every day, every second. Creating a digital story uses/teaches these skills.

“Can create entry point into your research”

“Gain practical skills for all of our professions.” “A good interview is an art form”