“I felt better about that final product than any paper I’d ever produced along the way.” — Graduate Student, Research University

“It’s not really about getting that A or A+. It’s really making mistakes and being fearlessly creative.” — Undergraduate Student, Liberal Arts College

“We all have the capacity to do something compelling.” — Graduate Student, Research University

“Every word matters. Every cross dissolve matters. Because it says something.” — Undergraduate Student, Liberal Arts College

“It’s not really the story itself that you choose. It’s just the way you tell it.” — Undergraduate Student, Liberal Arts College

“Even though it may be difficult, it is worth it in the long run. You will be proud of the work that you make.” — Undergraduate Student, Liberal Arts College

“There’s a life after the class. . .Students are creating content that is useable, valuable, shareable”

“you need to be flexible to succeed in this class. . . Learning to improvise and know that everything will turn out okay is key.”

“We’re all using technology every day, every second. Creating a digital story uses/teaches these skills.

“I think they surprised themselves with how motivated they were. Digital storytelling seems to carry its own motivation.” — Faculty, Liberal Arts College.

“You’re going to need to learn and grow and expand along with them. So there’s going to be uncomfortable moments. You have to embrace that and go for it.” — Faculty, Public Research University

“Students are very excited about digital storytelling. And who’s excited about taking a final exam? No one. Ever.” — Faculty, Liberal Arts College.